Take your fitness to the next level

    We help you push a little harder, sweat a little longer, and believe in yourself a little more.

Our Mission

Our community embraces individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, irrespective of the season of life they're in! Our purpose revolves around assisting every person in reaching their objectives by offering a supportive platform for their journey and cheering them on at every step! Regardless of your current situation, we are here to guide you on how to embark on your training journey.

Our Core Strengths

Community - Our collective is a sanctuary for driven individuals with diverse objectives, united by a common desire for self-improvement. We foster an environment of support, motivation, and encouragement for people at all stages.

Expertise - The experience and learning we've gathered over the years in the fitness industry enable us to offer secure and efficient training. Our team is committed to continuous learning and enhancement of our knowledge to maximize our impact on our clients' progress.

Sport Knowledge - Our team is steeped in diverse athletic backgrounds and is passionate about sports. Leveraging personal experiences and comprehensive study of various sports, we aim to offer an unparalleled experience in athletic development.



If you are new to CrossFit or have taken an extended break from training


Experienced CrossFitters have have spent more than 6 months at an affiliate can jump right in




Take your fitness to the next level

  • I was very overweight

    I couldn’t walk more than a mile without getting out of breath, on medication for Gout, blood pressure and my cholesterol levels were going up, and the doctor was starting to throw around words like “pre-diabetic”.  In short, I was a mess and I did...

    Alex Parks

    4 year(s) at College Hill Collective

  • I was intimidated and anxious

    After spending several years going to a big-box gym, I walked into College Hill Crossfit in July 2015. I was largely unfamiliar with the Crossfit movements and the vocabulary. Needless to say, I was intimidated and anxious. A couple of things that started...

    Jeff Davis

    4 year(s) at College Hill Collective

  • Run more and train harder

    Crossfit is for everyone! I started really committing to College Hill Crossfit the summer before my senior year. To say that it had an impact in my lifestyle was an understatement! Prior to Crossfit, I had developed a passion for running. The summer after...

    Gabby Merritt

    7 year(s) at College Hill Collective

  • I was a pretty nerdy kid with nerdy interests

    Let me tell you how I went from skipping PE class at 16 to getting up before dawn for Crossfit at 36. I was a pretty nerdy kid with nerdy interests – most of my D&D group was in a punk band, if that gives you any idea. I never liked sports, or...

    John C

    7 year(s) at College Hill Collective

  • I look forward to the next workout

    For over a year, I heard my wife go on and on about CrossFit. Fourteen months after a hip replacement, Sheri signed me up at the new College Hill CrossFit box. I thought I had rehabbed my hip to a decent level, but little did I know at that point. College...

    Rob DuPuis

    7 year(s) at College Hill Collective

  • I have improved

    I am a 51 year-old with no history of athletics other than running for pleasure and the occasional lapsed gym membership. In fact, as a child I was that guy who was usually chosen last for playground pickup games. Goaded by my CrossFitting friends, I appr...

    Tom Swanton

    7 year(s) at College Hill Collective