After years of working in the fitness industry I have learned clearly and deeply in the heart of me this one sure thing: Change does not come from external motivation. No matter how innovative the programming, clean the facility, new the equipment, or motivating the coaches, no external organization alone generates change in people.

Change is driven by an intrinsic, internal desire to feel differently about ourselves. We grow when we are inspired to do so. 

My vision for College Hill has always been to provide the best facility and the most innovative and effective fitness programming in a culture of accountability so that personal inspiration for change is captured, cultivated, and optimized for success.

After eight amazing years, I struggle to count the number of people who have shared the ways in which College Hill has supported their physical well-being, mindset shift, growth opportunities, and transformation into their better vision of themselves.

I am so honored to be a part of these journeys.

I have to say however, that without question, the person changed most by the little sanctuary of College Hill has been me.

College Hill has had her way with me. She has demanded my utmost integrity, my undying passion, my unending endurance. She has asked me to fight for her and to offer gentle nurturing. She has made me weep tears of joy and tears of bitter heartbreak. She has taught me how to hold on long after others would have let go and she has shown me, time and time again, how to let go.

College Hill has taught me who I am at the core of me. She has reinforced my values and has clarified my life’s work. It’s no surprise that a creation as pure as this one would teach me most of all. My greatest hope is that she teaches you too, that she reminds you that you are stronger than you could ever imagine. That she uncovers those places in you that can only be unearthed when the going gets tough. That she makes you confront who you are and who you want to be over and over again.

College Hill is more than a gym, she is a way of being. On our eighth birthday I could have never imagined the ways she would change our worlds, but more so the ways in which she has undeniably, changed me.

At their best, the creations that come from us (movements, art, children) teach us. My birthday wish for College Hill is that she continues to teach me and to teach you as well.

To all the members of this community whose hard work, love, and belief in College Hill and in me has gotten us here, please accept my endless gratitude.

Love you all.


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