Celebrating 9 Years!

March 1, 2021 is the 9-year anniversary of CHC. In March of 2012, the first fundamentals class was held in an uninsulated warehouse just down the road. Some of you here in this room are part of that founding community of coaches and CrossFitters just starting out.

A lot has transpired since those bitter cold (or wicked hot) early days in a rented space down the road. We’ve moved, grown, learned, given, competed, lost, won, and most important of all, we have persevered. For some, CHC has been a launch pad; for others, a way station; and for still others of us, a home.

In this 9th year, it is fitting to think about the meaning of completing 9 years together as a community. 

The number 9, as the highest single digit, is recognized in many cultures as the number or time interval that can only be achieved through sacrifice, through successfully enduring multiple challenges and navigating one transformation after another. The mere accomplishment of reaching the 9th year is a measure of experience, accumulated wisdom, and right actions, balanced with a raw determination to persevere – sometimes through the sheer strength of will. 

In a lot of ways, this describes the path of CHC. 

Nothing has magnified this process more than this past year.

In recognition of the endurance of CHC through the most challenging year of our generation, a commemorative coin has been designed in remembrance. With this, we recognize the magnitude of the challenge that we have stood before and prevailed. 


While the global conditions of 2020 have added weight to our lives, changed our behaviors, and sorted our priorities, it has also forged this community into an unshakable human collective and it has stamped this community “resilient” to whatever comes its way!

Thank you for your enduring support and commitment,


College Hill Collective is Hiring

We are looking to add to our family of hungry, and happy coaches!

To apply, record a video introducing yourself like you are a celebrity coach stepping in to coach one of our classes. From there, we would like you to brief the workout below at a whiteboard and teach one of the movements. The workout is:

Beach Season
15 Push-Ups
20 Sit-Ups
25 Air Squats

Your video should be under 5:00 minutes and uploaded to YouTube.

Please email the link to your video to employment@collegehillcrossfit.com along with a resume, and whether you are interested in a part time or full time position.

Applicants must have an L-2 cert or greater.