Be the Influence

Do you ever wonder if your behaviors, your habits, or your choices influence others?  Do those behaviors, habits, and choices influence others in a positive or negative way.  The answer is a very loud YES! One basic human behavior is observation. We observe others whether we know it or not, and nobody observes more than our youth.  If you’ve ever been about kids, they’re watching your every move and listening to everything you say.

Your choices have influential power, whether it’s going to the gym to increase your physical health or going to church to increase your spiritual health.  Friends, family members, and loved ones care about what you do and how you do it. You working on your physical health at the very least makes them think about them increasing their physical health and how to do it.  Our children are not different. They want to do what you do, want to be like you. If you are constantly trying to increase your physical health because you know it’s important then they will also want to increase their physical health.  If you constantly go to church to increase your spiritual health because it’s important then they will want to increase their spiritual health. It’s not a coincidence, it’s human nature.

Being in a community that wants a healthy life not only for themselves, but for future generations is a very real and contagious atmosphere to be in.  A fitness community that fosters healthy choices inspires younger generations to do the same, be active and healthy. How do you feel after you exercise?  Fulfilled, happy, accomplished? Seeing a smile on your face after exercising is what our children see and now want.  

Be the influence, be the person that motivates others to be more active and healthy.  Our children, our younger generations are watching our every move. As a community, a society, we must be the positive influence in our children’s life, be the role model of active and healthy people.  They learn from us and our experiences whether we want them to or not. Be the influence that drives them to be active and healthy for a lifetime. Give them the motivation, the tools, the knowhow, the confidence to love being an active and healthy human.  They’re watching!!

Coach Ken

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