Gabby Merritt

"Run more and train harder"

Crossfit is for everyone! I started really committing to College Hill Crossfit the summer before my senior year. To say that it had an impact in my lifestyle was an understatement! Prior to Crossfit, I had developed a passion for running. The summer after my junior year, I began to think about my future college decisions. As I continued to run more and train harder, running formed a new spot in my future. I began to consider possibly looking at running in college. Before I joined College Hill Crossfit, it had always been “maybe I would join the club team.” But as time went on, I truly developed my passion for it. With the help of the trainers at CHC, I worked to drop an entire two minutes off of my personal best from the previous season by the first race of my senior season! It was then that I truly considered running in college. The trainers at CHC always motivated me to do my best and worked with me to find the appropriate weights and the most efficient training to help me reach my desired goal (to run faster!). I truly believe that Crossfit is something for everyone! If it weren’t for CHC, I don’t believe that I would be where I am today, a Division I college athlete! Thanks so much CHC!!

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