John C

"I was a pretty nerdy kid with nerdy interests"

Let me tell you how I went from skipping PE class at 16 to getting up before dawn for Crossfit at 36.

I was a pretty nerdy kid with nerdy interests – most of my D&D group was in a punk band, if that gives you any idea. I never liked sports, or exercising, or any of that. When I was in high school, the only class I skipped was P.E. I met the love of my life smoking outside of computer science classes.

I met College Hill Crossfit when I was outside smoking, too. I was at about a pack a day at the time, so I spent a good portion of my afternoons on the patio with a book. It seemed like every time I looked up, another group of people ran by: running, but cheerful. I’d never seen the two activities go together before, so after week or so of watching the runners, I tracked the cheerfulness to its source – a little building with a big banner across it.

Around three months later, I’d quit smoking, and my girlfriend and I had found the perfect couples’ hobby. College Hill Crossfit provides us a caring, supportive environment that has helped us move from people who lived in our heads to people who love our bodies.  But this isn’t done with platitudes and group hugs; the coaches at College Hill Crossfit teach us to move safely, and exactly, through our workouts.  Before each move with the weights, the class is re-taught, and examined. The level and quality of personal attention I receive is incredible.

What’s more incredible, and what keeps me coming back, is that College Hill Crossfit has opened up a whole new world to me and my girlfriend.

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