Rob DuPuis

"I look forward to the next workout"

For over a year, I heard my wife go on and on about CrossFit. Fourteen months after a hip replacement, Sheri signed me up at the new College Hill CrossFit box. I thought I had rehabbed my hip to a decent level, but little did I know at that point. College Hill CrossFit continues to encourage and push me to heights I never thought possible. I can now do more at 51 than I did in my 30’s, and I know I will do more at 52. With College Hill’s programming and motivation, you will continue to improve every year, no matter your age. When I first got to College Hill, I could not jump. I spent the first six months stepping up on the box. Finally, I jumped to the 12” box, then the 18” box, then the 20” box, and ultimately the prescribed 24” box.

I look forward to the next workout, and miss doing it when I can’t work College Hill into my schedule. I no longer notice that my hip was replaced. My flexibility and strength have improved more than I ever thought possible. I can play basketball and football with my kids, which I thought I might never be able to do again. College Hill CrossFit has had a very positive impact on me. The community of friends is also a plus. Support for worthwhile causes, birthday WODs, and parties all help make College Hill CrossFit special. Now I know why Sheri was so excited about CrossFit during that 14 month period. I am equally excited and we have a great time discussing the finer points of the day’s WOD!

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